Alwyn Strydom, an IT Multimedia honours student, has created a website to serve as a Tuks information hub, where all residences and students can tweet and share information on events.

“Because Tuks is such a big institution, it’s not easy to find everything that you are looking for,” says Strydom. “Sometimes you will hear about an event when it has already passed.”

With My Res Tweets, both a website and a Twitter account, Strydom aims to solve this problem.

By logging on to the website, students can ask Big Bird – Strydom’s online alter ego – what’s happening on and around campus. Big Bird will also inform students of the newest trends, the latest specials, the news on campus and the next big party.

“I want this to be the site that you can visit when you want to know where to eat tonight. If anyone is confused, they can turn to my site and get all the information they want.” Strydom wants the site to be a “one-stop for students”.

The faculty houses have already become involved, posting regular updates for their students.

Strydom also wants to link businesses in Hatfield with students. He does this by providing space for advertisements on the website. Since there are a lot of options, he wants to introduce the most student-friendly businesses to Tuks students. “Students can see where to cut their hair, where the cheapest carwash is and where to buy the best flowers for your girlfriend,” says Strydom.

Since starting the account in November 2011, My Res Tweets has obtained almost 4 000 followers on Twitter. Students can follow My Res Tweets on Twitter (@ MyResTweets) or visit the website at

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