While on the bus, you will be treated to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings, explanations of science and paranormal occurrences, and radio drama-style readings of ghost stories by Jamie Bartlett of Rhythm City fame.During one of the tour’s two pub stops, the mechanics behind dowsing rods are explained and tour-goers are also given the opportunity to try dowsing for themselves. For those interested in the tour, it is important to note that flat, closed shoes are a must, as well as a torch, camera, jacket, umbrella, and money for the pub stops. The restaurant at Smuts House also offers dinner before the tour, which is not included in the ticket price.
The tour’s climax is a walk through the haunted forest at Smuts House, which will leave your hair standing on end. The overall experience is enjoyable and memorable, and if you have a keen interest in the paranormal, you’ll want to return for another spin on the Mystery Ghost Bus as soon as possible


Photo: Elmarie Kruger

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