According to the chairperson of Nehawu UP, Joseph Makhasa, the agreement has resulted in all level 5, 6, and 7 workers receiving a 12% bonus, level 8 to 10 workers receiving a 33% bonus, and level 11 to 17 workers a 66% bonus as a 13th cheque. “Even [the] University of Pretoria Workers Organisation (UPWO) benefited from Nehawu action,” Makhasa added.

The full memorandum also included “study benefits at other institutions [for Nehawu registered workers’] dependants, debt consolidation, transformation at executive level, benchmarking, [and] victimisation [of workers by the] director of Human Capital Reena Budree,” said Makhasa. However, the issue of transformation and policy changes had been removed from the memorandum, as those matters will be dealt with during their quarterly meetings.

Makhasa said the union had given management five days to respond to the memorandum when it was initially delivered in January. On Friday 5 March, the regional secretary of Nehawu spoke to Prof. De la Rey during a conference call and it was agreed that the memorandum would be signed by Monday 7 March, according to Makhasa.

While addressing the crowd, Munyela thanked the leadership for negotiating with UP, as well as the workers who conducted themselves without disrupting learning activities. Munyela assured the workers that everything would be paid by the end of April.

There was also a police presence on the scene; however, Munyela said that the police were there “peacefully, to understand what [the issues are], [and that] they [were] not there to arrest but to monitor peaceful demonstrators”.


Photo: Mammetja Mogotlane

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