I think the pandemonium that this rather large edition brought about was representative of many people’s first week: everyone knows it’s going to be tough, but no one is quite prepared. Even everyone’s new favourite pastime, Pokémon Go, feels this way with its overwhelmed servers.

Talking about Pokémon Go, Perdeby has put together its annual gaming supplement. There’s tons of content, ranging from upcoming games to the rebirth of UPCon (think ComicCon, but at Tuks).

Features has done an in-depth write-up about the situation at the SABC, as well as the changing university language policies around the country. For cat lovers, a look at how the campus cats are managed can be found on page 8.

UP has had a number of successes this holiday both, with the USSA tournaments and qualifications for the Rio Olympics. We’ve taken our five back pages to have a look at these stars and their achievements.

As always, we have a letters section that often sits empty. We’d love to hear from you, so please drop us a letter at


I hope your week is a little less chaotic and that you’ll find something in this rather huge edition to read in your downtime.



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