A group of UP students hope to start a new student society next year based on the Bahá’í faith.

The Bahá’í students on campus currently hold interfaith devotionals every alternate Wednesday at 6pm in the courtyard of the law library on main campus. At these devotionals, students read and discuss holy writings and scriptures from all religions. They now aim to now start an official student society at UP.

The Bahá’í faith is a universal religion which has three main beliefs: oneness of God, oneness of religion and oneness of mankind.  It originated in present dayIran, founded by Prophet Bahá’u’lláh, meaning “The Glory of God” in Arabic. Bahá’í Ryan Sabet believes that the Bahá’í faith is now the youngest and widest spread religion across the globe.

Bahá’ís believe that in order to achieve world peace there needs to be a society in which all people of every race, culture and ethnic group work together to bring about love without any form of prejudice. According to Sabet, “University campus, being a ground that moulds and nurtures young, intellectual minds, is the perfect forum for cultivating the culture of love for all and promotion of universal peace.”

“The Baha’ís on campus are enthusiastically looking forward to start a Bahá’í society next year,” said Sabet.

For more information, visit the UP Bahá’í society on Facebook.

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