Mace Promotions’ next step in business with the UP is to provide clothing for the different faculties and residences. The process is still being finalised. Shop@Tuks already provides clothing for TuksSport.

Andrew Baranyay and Dion de Jong are the store managers. Manyathi explained that Baranye and De Jong both have experience in the retail department.

To ensure that Shop@Tuks is a success, Manyathi said that they want “proper feedback from the students, as they are the ones that are buying the products”. Students who were asked about the new merchandise said they liked it, yet it is still a bit pricy. Although the prices are still high, they are cheaper than Wannabee was.

Shop@Tuks not only sells UP merchandise, but also offers a variety of other clothing brands, like Oakley, Slazenger and Glenmuir.

Nicole Vzzquez, vice-store manager of Store@Tuks, said that the store is doing well, and in their first week made a revenue of what was only expected after three weeks. Vzzquez said that the “ideas and content in the store, as well as the business owners, are much different than Wannabee,” and will therefore be a success.

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