Every year, hundreds of horses and a large number of production animals are X-rayed at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital (OVAH).

As a result (and in spite of being maintained for as long as possible with parts growing ever more scarce), the hard-working large-animal X-ray machine of some 16 year’s service, finally gave up the ghost in 2008.

A portable loan machine was kindly made available by AXIM (Pty) Ltd (who has a long-standing relationship with the OVAH). While this was adequate for the very short term, the need for a new machine was undisputed. After much discussion and planning, a sophisticated Magnum 80 high-frequency digital X-ray machine was installed by AXIM at the end of July 2009.

On 30 September a small, informal lunchtime get-together was held in the large-animal X-ray facility to celebrate the successful commissioning and operation of the new machine. Representatives of AXIM, together with staff members of the OVAH and Diagnostic Imaging Section, attended, and both Mr Brett Edwards of AXIM, and Dr Henry Annandale of the OVAH, said a few words in honour of the occasion.

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