Rebecca Woodrow
Life is costly, and a gym membership is one of those tricky expenses where, technically, it is a need and a luxury, because it helps you maintain your health but at a cost that can’t always be validated if consistent and frequent visits take place. So, straight from one of First Year Spread’s greatest triumphs, Perdebybrings you No Gym Fitness.


General Guidelines

Stretching is key to not hurting yourself or feeling the fires of Hell in your muscles.

Do not strain yourself because injuries occur easily.

Wear appropriate clothing, comfort is king.

Feel the burn, but listen to your body. It’s the only one you have so try to be nice to it.



Ah, jogging. As evil as it is effective. A provider of cardio exercise, aerobic exercise, and PE flashbacks.  It’s less strenuous than running but still beneficial. The most important aspects of this are a good posture that keeps your lungs open and breathing easy, with your legs and feet positioned for easy movement and steady footfalls. Think carefully about your route, taking into account safety and achievability. Don’t jog in a place you wouldn’t want to be walking in, and don’t overwork yourself. Wear shoes that aren’t going to bite back.


Jumping Jacks

A full-body aerobic exercise that can also be used when your bed is tempting you into abandoning work. It’s simple and ready to use, and its full-body nature means you’ll feel exactly when you need to take a break.



These are good for your legs, core and booty. Place your feet shoulder-wide and on the ground, keep your knees locked and steady and lower your bottom like you’re trying to sit while keeping your back arched. Your face should remain forward and level. Keep your hands clasped together, with your arms extended and level with your navel. Feel the burn.


Leg Raises  These are exercises perfect for the library. Tighten your core, sit up straight, and bend your leg at the knee so the lower leg is perpendicular to the ground. Raise and lower them steadily at four second intervals.


Double-arm biceps curls

Do not have weights? Don’t worry. Grab some water bottles or even tinned food. Keep your elbows close to your torso and stretch your arms away from your ears. It simple exercise and you can use random objects around your house if necessary.

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