Rebecca Woodrow 

We all want to socialise and have fun, but that does not mean your sleep schedule and liver need to suffer. Perdeby has put together a list of fun and relaxing things to do that you could totally tell your parents about.


Monday Open Night Mics at Thirsty@28degrees East
These open mic nights, hosted by Craft Exchange, are an opportunity for emerging artists to show their stuff. Musicians perform from 19:00 to 22:00 in 20-minute slots with no drums, amplifiers, or backtrack, meaning you get a win-win situation of being able to hear the music and your own thoughts at the same time. Entrance is free for both performers and attendees.


Scottish Country dancing
These all-ages-are-welcome classes are hosted at the corner of Hilda and Francis Baard Street on Thursdays from 20:00 to 22:00, with free entry for first-timers. If you are too tired for the rest of  the Student Night, then you can head to bed afterwards, but if you are not, then you now have some new Scottish moves to bust and show off at the club.


St Patrick’s Day DeepRoots night market
On Friday 16 March, DeepRoots will be having a St Patrick’s Day Market at the CBC Old Boys Memorial Club from 16:00 to 23:00. The family-friendly but festive nature of these markets, and their extensive picnic space and live music guarantees a good, less-than-wild time, perfect for starting the weekend and celebrating the foremost patron saint of Ireland.


Wine & Unwind March
Hosted by Roots Yoga, Wine & Unwind challenges its participants to a 75-minute yoga flow and meditation session under an instructor, followed by wine and a selection of food catered by ESSEN Eatery’s Harvest Table. It takes place on Thursday 15 March from 18:00 to 21:00 at the Mooikrans Venue and Garden. Tickets cost R160, and can be booked in advance via the links available on the Wine & Unwind March Events page on Facebook.


Market at the Sheds #GoGreen
On Saturday 24 March, Capital Collective’s popular market at The Sheds at 381 Helen Joseph Street will be environmentally-conscious, while continuing to offer a quality selection of food, drinks, as well as hand-made and locally-sourced goods.


National Zoological Gardens of South Africa
When university life ages you, get your youth back with a primary school throwback activity. The National Zoo is costly at R110 for entrance, but turning it into a quality group outing with plenty of perusal time could validate the cost.

Until the end of March, the Zoo will be offering Sunset Safaris with a chance to tour the grounds at night, and a braai afterwards. The zoo has you covered for seeing your favourite animals whenever your schedule allows.

Daylight hours are between 8:30 and 17:30, with ticket sales ending at 16:30.

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