Love at Last is the group’s second album and has been a year and a half in the making. Each carefully selected song on the 12 track album is full of the familiar brassy instruments and happy, bouncy ambiance that the fan-base has come to associate with the band.


The first track on the album, “Unity”, opens on a markedly simplistic note, in stark contrast to the usual feverish sound typical of the band. The Balkan-esque feel of the album makes for an exciting listen. “Hafro”, released several months ago, featured as the first single off the album and set the tone for what comes together as an up beat and . Try not to long for the beach with a fruity drink in hand.


The songs that follow on the track list reflect an effortless blend of saxophone, trumpet and tuba. Claps, shakers and the occasional deep beat of a djembe drum bring a lovely African feel to the album.


Nomadic Orchestra are not a band to indulge vocally and the sparse verses dotted throughout the album come together as the most vocally explorative thus far. This is most apparent on the track “Shake Shake”. This track is beautifully put together with a deep and hearty drumming rhythm and the caramel vocal quality of the bands saxophonist and frontman Gabriel du Toit.  


Whether you are an old fan of the band or have only recently discovered them, their music is sure to samba its way into your favourites.




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