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Cape Town’s water restrictions might sound like old news to you and you might feel that the issue doesn’t concern you. With news breaking that Day Zero (the day when Cape Town’s taps are cut off) is pushed back to 2019, dependent on rain and residents continuing to save water, you might even think that water restrictions are not continuing. But saving water is part of being a responsible adult and maybe even something that they should have taught you in school. So that is why we at Perdeby, compiled a list of helpful non-traditional ways to save water.


Be a good friend
So how does being a good friend save water? Well, when you don’t have a lot of clothes to wash, ask your friends if they also have a few things they would like to wash, to make the load bigger. Now you saved water and gained some brownie points. Do the same when it comes to dishes.


Get a get shower buddy
And by shower buddy we of course mean – a bucket. Use this bucket to catch all of the water while you shower, to recycle later or for flushing the toilet.


Learn to count till 50
Cape Town’s level 6B water restrictions currently limit every person to 50 litres of water a day. This sounds like a lot but the litres add up quickly. Try to be more conscious of the amount of water you use daily for various activities and try and limit yourself to a specific amount, you’ll be surprised what number you come to when you add everything up and you’ll appreciate how dependent on water we are in our daily lives.


Grow out your hair
A lot of water is wasted daily when it comes to personal grooming. So, have you ever wanted to grow a beard? Then here is your excuse: to save water. If you shave, use a cup rather than the tap. A lot of water is also wasted when shaving your legs and by simply turning the shower off, you can save 30 litres of water each time.


Collect the water from your air conditioner
Your air conditioner generates approximately two litres of water an hour, and there is no reason why this water must be wasted. Collect the water and use it on your plants.


Sing in the shower
On average a shower gives off 15 litres of water per minute. So, set a timer for two minutes and put on your favourite song to jam out to in the shower, but be sure to turn the shower off as soon as the song ends.

We, hope these tips will help you to become that better more environmentally-conscience adult. Remember that even though our water is not currently being restricted it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still save water.

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