Sun protection: October sun in Limpopo is a cruel and unloving fireball. If you don’t want to end up spending your Oppi weekend in the medic tent with sunstroke like a delusional red tomato (instead of a golden mango) Perdeby has a few suggestions. Sunscreen; take a small portion of your alcohol money and use it to buy a high SPF sunscreen, and then, very importantly, remember to apply it several times a day. If sunscreen application is a little too time-consuming for you (or if even a bright lamp can turn you into a sad tomato), consider wearing a light-weight long sleeve shirt and a hat to keep the sun’s disapproving glareoff you.


Wet wipes: Oppi’s motto may be ‘in dust we trust’ but trusting dust and embracing the way of the elephant’s coolingdust bath are two different things. Oppi showers are cold, busy, and unpleasant so unless you were really enthusiastic about scouts when you were younger and therefore don’t mind such showers, Wet wipes are now your new best friend. Perdeby recommends at least 50 a day if you are serious about staying clean. If you run out half way through or want a greener option to stay clean, pack a facecloth or two and use those instead to wipe down after a dusty day rocking out.


Deodorant: If you don’t want to end up smelling like a rotten cabbage in the Oppi sun, then bring along something pleasantly scented to keep you smelling fresh. Please.


A tent to call home: Unless you sprung for a tented hotel package you are responsible for assembling your own roof over your head. Pack a tent, and put it up BEFORE you head out to enjoy the festivities. Drunken tent assembling in the dark, while hilarious for spectators, will result in you sleeping on top of a pile of mangled tent equipment.


Your own Iron Throne: Feel like a Lannister sitting on the Iron Throne (a camping chair) as you stare proudly out at all the lesser houses sitting on the floor because they forgot this essential Oppi item.


Liquor-free liquids: Water is the elixir of life and key for your Oppi survival. Ward off sunstroke and hangovers with a minimum of 2 litres of water per person per day. This is not water for de-dusting yourself each evening; this is drinking water to keep you out of the medic tent and on the dance floor.


Food: although there will be food vendors at Oppi, it is recommended to pack enough to make your own meals or, at the very least, some snacks to keep you dancing all night. Sandwiches, the student sustainers, are simple and easy to assemble; bring some bread and whatever topping brings you joy, be it cheese, peanut butter, or even marmite. If you are feeling the call of the South African braai culture be sure to keep your meat in a cooler box with ice to keep it fresh, and remember all the necessary fire making paraphernalia, just because you are in the bush it doesn’t mean you have to be Bear Grylls.


Foot protection: Oppi is not the place for your new Adidas shoes that got 47 likes on your Instagram post. Do not bring them, they will get ruined and never gain another social media like again. Don’t let the heat deter you from wearing closed shoes; closed shoes will keep your feet safe from dirt and falling debris from friends who drank too much while sandals will leave you woefully unprotected.


Somewhere safe for your valuables: Be it a safe, a sock, or a small bag, find somewhere safe to leave your valuables. Your ID, car keys, cash, and cell phone do not need to experience Oppi with you, designate somewhere safe in your tent for them to stay so they will be there waiting for you when Oppi ends.


A Map: Especially if it’s your first time at Oppi print out the campsite map, take note of where the important areas are like the medic tent, the bathroom, and mark your tent on there too so you know where to return to after a long day of Oppi-ing. And while you’re beng organised print out the line up too.


Other essentials: Like those lists teachers would send home before a school camp, Perdeby has compiled a short list of other things you may forget. Toothbrush Pillow Towel Torch (or other non-flame, non-cell phone light giving contraption) Toilet paper Protection (not the sun-protection kind, this is the night time activity one)


Illustration: Georgina Glass

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