Shortstraw delivered an excellent performance on the main stage, including crowd favourites “Couch Potato”, “Bikini weather” and “Keanu Reeves” in their set, while also performing various songs from their latest album, Youthless, and a cover of the Friends theme tune.

Afrikaans rock ‘n roll legend Anton Goosen drew a huge crowd to the top bar stage, nearly filling it to capacity. His set was a mixture of old favourites and anecdotes from his career. His set included the songs “Blommetjie gedenk aan my”, “Geelperskereën” and “Klein bietjie wyn”.

Crossover band Hot Water had the audience sokkie-ing to their lively set, even bringing a couch to the performance which served as a mini stage for the lead singer during one of the songs.

US alternative rock band Brand New gave the crowd goosebumps during their outstanding, expressive set, which had the crowd moshing and chanting along to hits like “Jesus” and “Sic transit Gloria”.

Francois van Coke delivered a powerful performance, featuring the debut performance of Oppikoppi’s Uitgewasde Seunskoor vir Mans en Vroue. The crowd went wild as he invited Karen Zoid onto the stage to perform their popular hit “Toe vind ek jou”.

Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello painted the main stage purple and delivered an explosive set to close out the main performances. They performed songs such as “Start wearing purple” and “Wanderlust king”, and even dedicated a song to Nelson Mandela.


The trek back home
Dirty, tired, and buzzing after a weekend of excellent live music, it was time for the prawns to pack up and head home, happy to head back to their showers and beds, but sad to leave the dustbowl behind – until next year.


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