Pistorius pleaded not guilty to murder, two charges of contravening the Firearms Control Act, and the possession of ammunition without a licence.

Day one
Day one saw Dr Michelle Burger, a UP lecturer living in a neighbouring estate to Pistorius, as the first witness for the prosecution led by advocate Gerrie Nel.

Dr Burger testified to hearing fighting and the screams of a woman and a man along with four gun shots on the morning of 14 February 2013. Advocate Barry Roux, Pistorius’s defence attorney, led a gruelling cross-examination questioning Dr Burger’s recollection of events. Advocate Roux maintained that the shots that were heard might have been from a cricket bat breaking down the bathroom door. Dr Burger maintained that she was certain of what she heard that night.

Day two
Advocate Roux continued his cross-examination of Dr Burger until court proceedings were interrupted after eNCA broadcast a still image of Dr Burger while she was testifying.

Judge Thokozile Masipa warned the media that no images of witnesses were allowed to be broadcast or published in accordance with the judgement by Judge President Dunstan Mlambo. Judge Mlambo gave permission for court proceedings to be televised after an application from eNCA, Multichoice and Eyewitness News with the provision that no witness’s face would be shown unless they agreed to it.

Estelle van der Merwe, a neighbour, only briefly took the stand as the state’s second witness. Van der Merwe testified to hearing what sounded like an argument coming from the Pistorius house. She was followed by Dr Burger’s husband Charl Johnson, who reiterated her claims of hearing fighting and screaming coming from the Pistorius house before hearing gunshots.

Day three
The third day of the trail continued with Johnson on the stand. Advocate Roux questioned the similarities in the statements and testimony of Johnson and his wife and suggested the the sound of a woman screaming might have actually been Pistorius himself.

Advocate Nel then called Kevin Lerena as witness to the discharge of a firearm by Pistorius in Tashas restaurant. Lerena testified that Pistorius asked a friend to take the blame after he accidentally discharged a firearm inside the restaurant. Jason Loupis, owner of the franchise, was also called to testify followed by his wife Maria.

Day four
Dr Johan Stipp, a neighbour of Pistorius, gave testimony on day four saying that he heard fighting and gunshots.

Arriving at the scene, Stipp saw Steenkamp lying on the floor with a frantic Pistorius trying to assist her. According to Stipp, Steenkamp had a devastating head wound and was non-responsive. Pistorius appeared very emotional listening to Stipp’s testimony.

Day five
Samantha Taylor, an ex-girlfriend of Pistorius, testified on Pistorius discharging a firearm through the sunroof of a car after being annoyed with police pulling them over for speeding.

Taylor stated that their relationship ended when Pistorius started an affair with Steenkamp. She also referred to Pistorius’s fits of anger that were often directed at her and maintained that, when screaming, Pistorius did not sound like a woman, as advocate Roux had argued earlier.

Peter Baba, a security guard at the Silver Woods Country Estate, was the final person to take the stand on Friday. Pistorius told Baba over the phone that everything was fine. Baba testified that he was shocked when he saw Pistorius carrying Steenkamp down the stairs.

The trial resumed on Monday.

Oscar Pistorius trial role players: week one

Judge Thokozile Masipa, the judge appointed to oversee the Pistorius trial.

Advocate Gerrie Nel, the state prosecutor.

Advocate Barry Roux, the defence attorney.

Dr Michelle Burger, a lecturer at UP. Witness living in Silver Stream Estate neighbouring the Silver Woods Country Estate. Lives 177m from Pistorius house.

Estelle van der Merwe, a neighbour who lives three houses from Pistorius in Silver Woods Country Estate.

Charl Johnson, husband of Dr Michelle Burger.

Kevin Lerena, a professional boxer and friend of Pistorius.

Jason Loupis, owner of Tashas restaurant in Melrose Arch.

Maria Loupis, wife of Jason Loupis.

Dr Jason Stipp, a radiologist and neigbour of Pistorius. The first doctor on the scene.

Samantha Taylor, Pistorius’s ex-girlfriend.

Peter Baba, a security guard at Silver Woods Country Estate.

Image: abcnews.com

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