1. A confirmed accreditation with commendation.
2. A confirmed accreditation.
3. Re-accreditation, subject to certain conditions being met.
4. Notice of withdrawal of accreditation.
5. Withdrawing accreditation.
UP, along with 14 other universities, received the third outcome – re-accreditation subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions. Accordingly, such an outcome means that the LLB programme did not meet the qualification standards and that the institution would have a time period to meet certain conditions. According to the outcome report, no university received confirmed accreditations as per the first and second outcomes. Four universities – North West University, Walter Sisulu University, the University of the Free State, and UNISA – received notices of withdrawal of accreditation.
In to a statement placed on ClickUp, the Deputy-Dean of the UP’s Faculty of Law, Professor Kok, explained the conditions set for the faculty: “The Faculty must submit a plan indicating the steps it intends to take, and the timelines within which the steps will be achieved, to further improve the diversity of its academic staff [and] the Faculty must submit a plan to review the alignment of teaching and learning with assessment, to ensure adequate inclusion of critical reflection and analysis that go beyond the requirements set in tests and examinations”. The statement added that the plans must be submitted to the Higher Education Quality Committee by October with clear targets, resource allocation, and milestones.

Matters to be addressed within the faculty include the UP policy document on curriculum transformation, the appropriate number of modules per year of study, a review of the notational hours/credits allocated to each module, appropriate standards of assessment, addressing course content and the overlapping of themes and the horizontal and vertical alignment of modules during the different years of the LLB programme.

Prof. Kok further elaborated that the status of the LLB remains unchanged, urging students to continue to take their studies seriously: “The UP LLB is held in high regard and will continue to be held in high regard if we all do our duty.” 

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