P.H.Fat will be releasing a new five track EP, titled You Are Going To Die, that will be available from their website ( for download on 20 February. In a surprise move Smooth Mike (vocals), Disco Izrael (vocals) and Narch (beats and production) left the record label that released their debut album Dinosaur Blood in 2011 to reclaim their independence.

“Much of our success can be attributed to what could be called ‘piracy’ so we decided to legitimize that process,” say the three-piece from Cape Town. “We think in certain situations that the record label concept will work. In our case, where we want to do whatever we want, we are certainly not sure. That’s why we’re trying out the concept of giving away music. It’s awesome when we can show up and do a show in a place where nobody has ever paid for our music and some people know our words. We want to encourage that.”

According to P.H.Fat, their latest offering is more selfish, dark and honest, “In some regards it’s a typical second album.” All of which is hinted at in the ominous title, You Are Going To Die. “The title is about the idea of confronting the inevitable. Nobody on earth can say what happens after the point of death. The one thing we can all say for certain is that we are all going to die. P.H.Fat would hate to lie to you. It’s quite a liberating thought really. One of the absolutely equalizing facts of belonging to the human race.”

You can’t, however, live off of good natured sharing and caring. So for the fans who would like to support P.H.Fat, you can make a donation via EFT, Paypal or SMS.

Perdeby will be giving away one double ticket prize to P.H.Fat’s gig at Arcade Empire on 1 March for the Pretoria leg of their tour. To enter tweet @perdebynews or go to our Facebook page and name one of the tracks found of P.H.Fat’s new EP release.

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