Party-fest has yet again provided a reason for students to party hard in 2011 (not that they needed one).

Party-fest is a student affair that started three years ago with the University of Pretoria at Ftv and since then the party has travelled and visited Pukke, UJ, Kovsies, Maties and has kept on coming back to Tuks. The purpose of the event is for residences and day houses to work as units to host the biggest social event of the year. This year sees the nine men’s residences –  Boekenhout, Kiaat, Kollege, Maroela, Olienhout, Sonop, Taaibos, Mopanie  and Vividus – entering a competition to throw the ultimate party and win the ultimate prize. Each residence gets one night to host their ultimate party following the sale of tickets to the party at R100 a pop. Success is measured by ticket sales, attendance and the general awesomeness of the party. Getting the most “likes” on their res logo on the Festival’s Facebook page also counts for some extra points for the teams. The res winning the competition receives R15000 for their res and the two runners-up win R6500 and R3000 respectively. Games like beer pong and ching-chong-cha will be making their usual appearances during the festival. Parties have already started in residences Taaibos, Maroela, Boekenhout and Kiaat and the rest of the men’s residences will soon be throwing their parties too. The race to raise the most money and win the spot for biggest party-throwers has begun.

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