PDBY is working on a collaboration with the UP literary society, The Inklings. The collaborative response to 2020 will be published as a collective of student writing and artwork, submitted by UP students.

The student collaboration is centred around two themes, namely: ‘Protest and Human Rights’, and ‘Loss and Growth’. Accepted formats for submission are poetry, journalistic articles, opinion pieces, short stories, dramatic scripts, letters, photography, drawings and paintings. The details for submission and guidelines for written and visual work can be found on the social media platforms of PDBY at @pdbymedia, and The Inklings at @theinklingstuks.

Submissions to ‘Protest and Human Rights’ can be sent to editor@pdby.co.za, and submissions to ‘Loss and Growth’ to thinklings.tuks@gmail. com. Contact PDBY or The Inklings for more information, and follow @pdbymedia and @theinklingstuks for updates on the collaboration.


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