Noluthando Mbangula, B.Ed 3rd year

I feel like the Wi-Fi is bad. It affected my schoolwork when I was writing my test… and it submitted. It goes off and then I got a whole zero for a test [and] it was [only] one attempt. They said they can’t fix that but I feel like they didn’t know that the Wi-Fi was bad so now that there’s actually more complaints about the Wi-Fi they changed the test.

I feel like for res students, we pay so much money and it’s been going up. The res fees have been going up, [yet] the services are actually worse.

Werner Loock, BCom Financial Sciences 3rd year

The problems with my experience with this Wi-Fi is that the connection is not great. Even though on some locations on campus you have great connection, but others [for instance] just downstairs from the IT Building, the first floor you don’t get that great of a connection which is not nice. Sometimes we’re writing test and they want us to be on our phones or sometimes we have to go on our phones to research something. I know some of us have data, but to be honest some of us also don’t have data, so we need that.

Malese Mokgetloane, BSc Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology 3rd year

You know how you expect the Student Centre to have the strongest connection? You’d wait for like 15 minutes [there] just to connect and when it does connect it buffers the whole time or it just disconnects by itself. You then move from the Student Centre and go to the Library with the hope that it will work quicker and it doesn’t. You’ll be sitting there waiting for your Novell to log in for like a good 30 minutes. You’ll just be there admiring the screensaver.

Things get submitted late. We missed a schizophrenia thing cause of the Wi-Fi, we couldn’t submit our online assignment because of the Wi-Fi.

Keanen Pillay, BIS Information Science 2nd year 

The current situation of the Tuks student WiFi is absolutely appalling. We can hardly ever connect to it and on the off chance we’re able to do so the speeds are too slow for us to be productive.

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