“I did not vote. I feel like it is a pointless cause. The current SRC is not appealing to me as a student.” – William Wilkinson, second-year international relations student







 “I have not heard much of the SRC. I do see their relevance as students at the university and they voice our concerns.” – Shaun Radebe, first-year BCom student







 “Yes, I have voted as I believe everyone has to use their opportunity to vote. The SRC is not as important as we believe but they do make some changes and have actually helped me out.” – Thapelo Mohumutji, second-year BSc Human








 “I am going to vote because it is a form of expression as students. It makes one have a chance to have a say in student affairs. The SRC is relevant because students with needs can approach them for help. I think the 2014 SRC did a good job.” – Mihlali Dukada, third-year BCom Accounting Sciences student





 “I voted because we need to be involved in student politics. We also need leaders who are going to be active and hands on who always put fellow students first. I feel like the 2014 SRC has failed us, they are not on the ground working together with students. Sasco has actually done more for students with the Right2Learn campaign.” – Samkelo Cetyiwe, second-year BAdmin Public Management student




“I voted because I was encouraged to vote by my friends and also people who are running for elections. I think the SRC is vital as they are the voice of the students. The current SRC has done a fairly good job, however, they are rather invinsible on campus, it is as if after they get elected, they fade away.” –Rachael Johnston, first-year social work student

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