“As a law student it gives me insight of how the legal system works. [I am interested in the trial because of] the fact that Oscar might walk free, because he has a very good advocate. I initially thought it was black and white, he was guilty and justice would be served. I am not certain anymore. [The trial has] taught me a lot about the importance of what one can prove in court as opposed to what actually may have occurred.”- Karissa Johnson, second-year LLB student

“It is interesting. I read Oscar’s book, as a result I feel like I know him. We won’t hear him testify personally, the lawyers are speaking on his behalf. No eyewitness to the case besides Oscar himself, all others just heard the gunshots and commotion. [I am disappointed by] the hype, it is too much.” – Paul Koch, second-year BCom student

“Well I’m a law student so obviously I am quite intrigued by such a high profile case. Plus, this case is revolutionary in South Africa because for the first time a case is being tried while the country has a front row seat to it all. Barry Roux, the devil himself, has stood out for me. He is so cut-throat and ruthless. Also, I admire the judge [Thokozile Masipa] for her strict conduct and the way she has handled this peculiar situation with the world looking on. Nothing about the case has really disappointed me. The manner in which they are handling all the media and social media coverage is quite good.” – Puno Selesho, second-year BA Law student

“It is interesting, people look up to him. I don’t know [if he is guilty] and I don’t want to be judgmental but you never expect a sport icon would do something like that.” – Carla Miller, third-year BA Drama

“It is interesting. [I watch because] I can develop as an attorney. I can learn many skills. The most disappointing thing is that all Oscar’s friends, who are now witnesses, are trying to build a negative character for him. It could be seen that they want justice.” – Diyuti Lalla, third-year BA Law

“I actually went to Pretoria Boys High School([same one Oscar went to) so I admire him. I don’t know him personally but we used to train at the same gym. When I heard the forensic pathologist giving the evidence and Oscar retching in court, it struck me quite a lot because it hurt him quite a bit. The situation is disappointing because he stood for more than just sport. He was a symbol of hope.” – Murray Coetzee, first-year medicine student

“I think they are making a bigger fuss than what it should be. The fact that his attorney aims to make the witness doubt themselves is a smart trick to get Oscar out of the situation.” – Lizette Posthumus, third-year BA Drama

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