Nandipha Dilla, Alycia Hibbert and Lorinda Marrian

Every month Perdeby reviews Apps that we think can make life just a little easier or a little more fun. This month we will be reviewing Headspace, Cookpad and Trusted Contacts.


Rating 3/5
Headspace is a guided meditation and mindfulness app that helps you relax when you are feeling overwhelmed. It offers meditation options on a range of subjects and is the perfect tool if you want to calm your mind, are struggling with focus or even having a bout of anxiety.

Upon signing up, you are given a ten day free trial to try out the app. This free trial is unfortunately limited only to the basic meditation and does not allow you to explore the app further before deciding to purchase the different packages in app. The prices start at R60 and as a student you’ll have to decide if it will be worth it for you. However, this is an app that may become a life saver for many, so try it out before hand – it might just be worth it.


Rating 3/5
Cookpad is an app that focuses primarily on recipe sharing and searching, though their services also include meal planning and cooking videos. The app provides easy, accessible and affordable recipes for all diets and allergy requirements. Bookmarking, saving and creating your own recipes becomes a valuable tool when you have a busy schedule.

This app is very easy to use, you can browse what is trending or you can search numerous categories. The extensive content of the categories makes this app incredibly inclusive, having options from vegan and banting to global and ethnic cuisines. This accessibility and inclusivity make this app stand apart from its competitors.

Further by registering with your Facebook or email, you are able to share and expand on your cooking journey.  However, you will have limited access by not registering your account. The premium service is also not available in South Africa, the main downside to the app.

The strongest point of the app would be the interaction between the users, making this platform one of encouragement and learning.


Trusted Contacts
Rating 4/5
This app from Google allows you share your location with your loved ones to let them know that you are safe. What makes this app so unique is that our closest contacts can also request your location if they need to know where you are. You can decline to share your location but if you do not respond to the request, your location will be sent out after five minutes. The app also works on your nearest location if your phone is offline. The app is relatively easy to use. You simply need to add the contacts with whom you would like to share your location with.  However, for them to request your location they will also need to download the app. There is a slight lag when locations are shared and you may also forget to turn off your location sharing which can be problematic if you want hide out for a bit. Nonetheless, it is perfect for people who travel long distances or who simply have friends and family who are consistently worried about them.

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