As you’ll soon realise, Perdeby is essential to your survival at Tuks. Without it, you know nothing (especially if you don’t read the Sport section). Because you couldn’t read it last year, you missed out on a lot of important sport content, as 2012 was one of the best years for sport at Tuks. To help you catch up and to celebrate the university’s achievements we’ve summarised last year’s highs and lows in the Perdeby Sport Awards.

Best Team Award TuksCricket’s Assupol Tuks 1, because they won four trophies last year.

Best-looking Award The lovely Cayla Esterhuysen, the 2012 Miss Varsity Cup, because she’s unbelievably beautiful and Tuks swimmer Cameron van der Burgh because he wears (and looks good in) a speedo.

Best Res Award Mopanie, because they won both the rugby and cricket res leagues. Athleticism comes in handy at their annual jock run.

Awesome Fans Award The AmaTuks fans, because they have the most creative headgear.

Best Match Award 2011 FNB Varsity Cup final, because FNB UP-Tuks beat FNB Maties and we love being better than Stellenbosch.

Best Moment Award The crowd chanting “Tuks of Niks” at the FNB Varsity Cup final, because being proud of your university is a must.

Pointless Competition Award Drastoel, because building a chair and making someone sit on it while they’re carried across a field sounds like a school camp. Although you probably weren’t drunk then.

Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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