The writing lab is targeted at students who do not speak English as their first language, and aims to develop the language skills of these students so that they will be able to write for, and contribute to Perdeby and other publications, with more confidence. Students who complete the programme will receive preference when applying for Perdeby in the future, however, those that participate in the writing lab will not be obliged to work at Perdeby following the completion of the course.

“In addition to our role of informing and entertaining, we have always focussed on the development of our student journalists. We now have the opportunity to extend this development to any student who wants to improve their writing skills,” says Perdeby Editor-in-Chief Carel Willemse. Perdeby Editor Huvasan Reddy said, “We often find ourselves having to turn away enthusiastic applicants who are second language English speakers, because they lack the confidence and necessary skills to write in English, compared to those who speak English as their home language. The writing lab offers us an opportunity to implement transformation at a grassroots level at Perdeby. In a high-paced print publication environment, it’s difficult to train new staff in basic English skills. The writing lab will give us the opportunity to help students develop their basic English skills, so that they will be able to contribute to Perdeby and cope in this fast-paced environment.”

The application form can be found on page 11 in the print edition of Perdeby. 

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