A senior Boekenhout resident has been suspended from res after allegedly assaulting a first-year resident earlier this month.

Director of Residence Affairs and Accomodation Professor Roelf Visser confirmed that his office received proof of unacceptable “initiation practices” on a first-year Boekenhout resident by one of the senior students.

According to another senior resident at Boekenhout, who wishes to remain anonymous, the first year provided photographic evidence of the assault and presented it to the house father who then informed Residence Affairs.

On 8 August a meeting was held with the HK of Boekenhout, and as a result of this incident their entire HK was disbanded. According to Prof. Visser, the office of the Registrar relieved the HK of their responsibilities and gave them the opportunity to come forward with any other information regarding the incident to aid the disciplinary process.

Boekenhout’s chairperson had already been asked to step down due to reasons unrelated to this incident and according to Prof. Visser, has already left the residence. He will, however, be part of the disciplinary process as a result of his participation in the assault.

According to the senior resident, the 2012/2013 chairperson has been elected on behalf of the residents of Boekenhout by Residence Affairs and residents were not given the opportunity to vote, as is tradition.

Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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