Pssst… hears that this yearning to sing and dance has spread to Olienhout, as the Houte have been difficult to pull away from their practice. Rather burn out than fade away, we guess. Even Lilium have pulled together a performance this year, although they’ll probably make us wish they hadn’t. Kiaat have promised not to use a wrecking ball again, so Pssst… expects a night of entertainment in all kinds of ways. At the time of going to print, Kollege has yet to practice with their band.

Pssst… hears that Inca are planning to make a comeback this year. Pssst… is sorry, Inca, but where exactly will you be coming back from? You don’t even go here, ladies. Pssst… thinks they probably got this idea from their Rag partners, Maroela, who are sure that they’ll be the “next big thing” at serrie this year. Pssst… hates to tell you this, Maroela, but you actually have to make it to finals every once in a while before you can make such claims.

Pssst… hopes that Mopanie’s dancing will be better than their singing, as a little birdie told Pssst… that Mopanie have been giving their neighbours some sleepless nights. In a bad way.

Pssst… has found few distractions outside of serrie, unfortunately. Vividus Ladies almost annexed the Kollege clubhouse in an effort to find someone to talk to after they finally gave up on their dim Rag partners, Luminous.

Pssst… also hears that the Klaradyn semis pulled off a few shameless lap dances on the proefplaas. Pssst… isn’t surprised to hear this, of course. Pssst… expected no less from the Welpies.

OP will make a rare real-campus showing with serrie this year. Pssst… applauds you. We know it’s really uncomfortable here for you, what with this campus not smelling of excrement and all.

Meanwhile, Boekenhout’s (albeit rather large) external trophy cabinet has had even less activity than their clubhouse. Pssst… feels there’s no love lost between Boekenhout and Asterhof. That is, until they put another hole in Asterhof’s roof. The Houte would be a danger too, if they weren’t too busy arguing about the camera angles for serrie.

Before serrie fever takes control of us all, Pssst… would like to make some requests: Vividus Men, if you plan on making a serrie as disastrous as last year’s, do Pssst… a favour and at least have the decency to switch the lights off again. Pssst… would also like to ask Kiaat a favour. On behalf of all of Tuks, Pssst… beseeches you: please, please keep your shirts on this year. Think of the children, Kiaat.

At the end of the day, Pssst… thinks serrie is about enjoying yourselves and entertaining each other. If you do that, good on you. If you don’t, Pssst… will be back next week.

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