Speaking of hanging on, Pssst… hears that Nerina have been asking for socials with their old Rag partners, Maroela. Pssst… doesn’t find their attachment issues very appealing, but then again neither is ragging with Naledi.

Even more infamous for hanging on is Taaibos. Having spent years yearning after their Rag partners from the previous term, Pssst… wonders if Taaibos will take a liking to Curlitzia this year already or if Erika will have to bear with Taaibos’s soppiness for another year. That’s only if Sonop let them – Pssst… hears that they’re the jealous type, especially when it comes to Erika.

Boekenhout and Asterhof have been paired together this term. Pssst… thinks Boekenhout looks set to have yet another disappointing year of second places, seeing as Asterhof are renowned for being too snobby to help with the Rag float.

Pssst… hears that Lillium aren’t so keen on the Houte anymore. Rumour is that Kollege is their new love. Pity it’s unrequieted. Kollege actually had to ask the Lillium girls to stop pitching up at random times. Then again, Pssst… would have asked the same.

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