Pssst… would like to correct the statement in last week’s edition, in which Pssst… said that Madelief have dropped off the res radar since Ienk. It turns out that the Knolle were actual­ly too busy getting drunk and practic­ing their skipping techniques in front of Magrietjie to worry about any sort of res activities. Keep it classy, Knolle.

As if that’s not enough suffering for the Magrietjie ladies, Pssst… hears that Taaibos (read: House Hatfield Studios) has been clearing out the food at Magrietjie’s dining hall. Brakke, have the previous editions of Pssst… not warned you against the dangers of resembling Boekenhout? Who knows, maybe Taaibos will be the next res to storm out of the Amphi after finding out that they did poorly at Serrie.

Pssst… wonders what the cause was for the premature separation between Rag partners Olienhout and Klaradyn? Could it be due to the fact that the Houte have been too busy cajoling with Magrietjie to pay any attention to the Welpies? Or perhaps the fact that the Welpies are too interested in them­selves to pay much attention to anyone else?

Pssst… would like to know who thought that a joint OlympusCurlitzia talent show would be a good idea. Pssst… could only sit through so many dancing Kloekies before trying to find some chloroform on med campus. Then, to the Olympus first years who performed the Justin Bieber medley: yes, it is too late now to say sorry.

Mopanie and Katjiepiering seem to have been warming up to each other lately – or trying to, at least. Pssst… hears that their Alien Invasion event was more of a feline migration, since there wasn’t a Kat in sight at the Mo­panie clubhouse, and the poor Peppies were left singing drunkenly to them­selves. Whether this was due to the fact that some Peppies were singing lewd songs to a few Katjie ladies earlier in the week, or because of the poor spelling on their advertisement flyers, Pssst… can’t really tell.

While all this was happening, Lilium tried to have a bake sale (Pssst… isn’t sure if anyone actually showed up or if the ladies ended up eating all of the products themselves), Zinnia’s senior week passed without Pssst… even noticing, and Inca did…stuff.

Pssst… will be missing you all over the recess, and Pssst… hopes that you will use your last week on campus wisely (by this, Pssst… means that Pssst… hopes you will send any and all res gos­sip to, of course