Even though Mopanie loved getting their heads inflated by Magrietjie’s so-called “cheerleading”, Pssst… >suggests the girls leave it to the professionals because being woo-girls just doesn’t cut it on the rugby field.

Erika – another res knows everything about braggarts – tried extremely hard to make the Square happen on Monday night for their Shrek-themed Partyfest event. Pssst… wants to tell Erika that painting their faces green and wearing ogre ears isn’t exactly going to draw crowds nor does it make Square on a Monday night more appealing, it just makes Pssst… (and every other male res) want to stay away. Pssst… hears that Asterhof is trying really hard to promote their Partyfest event to avoid it being a green flop like Erika’s was. But Pssst… thinks that Asterhof should stop trying so hard to get people to attend, it just comes across as desperate. Pssst… doesn’t think the trou voue want to be associated with desperate reses like Jasmyn and Lilium, now do you, Asterhof?

Pssst… feels sorry for the Taaibos first-years. The boys tried really hard to impress Curlitzia last week in the hopes of scoring dates for their first-year dinee, but Pssst… hears Curlitzia weren’t that impressed by Taaibos’s efforts. Why else would they reject the Brakke? Pssst… can think of a few reasons, though.

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