A little birdie whispered to Pssst… that the Kollege EC aren’t too happy with their Vremies, since they haven’t been allowed to wear their Kollege clothing for a while. Pssst… wishes Pssst… knew why this is, though – perhaps it could be because the Vremies are getting too antsy about Kollege’s unfinished serrie? You should know to take it easy by now, Vremies. Don’t forget which res you’re in.

The Klaradyn HK were so desperate for their fellow Klarries to attend their feesjaar weekend that they tried to lure them with free food and numerous exclamation marks. Pssst… isn’t sure how well that worked for them, though, since things seemed a little quiet on the

 Welpies’ side of the world this weekend.

Pssst… would mention something about Curlitzia’s Miss Kloekie event, but Pssst… doesn’t really think anyone cares too much.

Pssst… thinks someone needs to ask the fashion police to make some arrests at Katjiepiering. Pssst… has seen way too many Katjie girls hanging around Olienhout in bum-shorts and Uggs this past week (Pssst… didn’t even know you could buy Uggs anymore). 2006 was literally ten years ago, Katte. It seems like anything goes at Olienhout these days…

Another little day-house birdie told Pssst… that Vividus Men and Vividus Ladies are planning a house camp soon (for all five of their collective members who actually attend events), and that things at said camp might get “ratchet”, as the kids these days say. Pssst… hopes this prediction comes true so that Pssst… has something juicy to tell you when Pssst… returns after a little break.

Pssst… is very worried about the number of reses who have been dropping off the social map lately. Pssst… would therefore like to send out a missing reses alert for Maroela, Erika, Madelief, Boekenhout and Olympus – where are you? If anyone sees or hears from these reses, you can contact Pssst… at pssst@ perdeby.co.za.

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