Inca hasn’t made a significant appearance in Pssst… (or anywhere else) for some time now. This leads Pssst… to believe they’ve given up at trying to make any kind of impression on anyone at all. You know things must be bad when you’re the joke of Groenkloof, right Inca?

Speaking of Groenkloof, Pssst… hears that Lilium haven’t taken well to the early rejection from Olienhout, so much so that they’re now after Boekenhout. Pssst… thinks this makes sense seeing as neither of them have their socials at clubhouses.

Pssst… hears that Taaibos has been parading their serenade group around the Proefplaas. Pssst… knows that Taaibos are experts at coming early, but serenade in February is a little ridiculous.

Don’t relax just yet, as Pssst… has eyes everywhere and will be back next week with more res news. If your res didn’t make Pssst… this week, don’t despair. Some kind soul might just do you a favour and send a piece of res gossip to pssst@perdeby.

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