Pssst… thinks the bromance between Taaibos and Mopanie is really cute. Having a culture event with each other really confirms a lot of rumours. They might be trying to keep it on the down low but it’s about as secret as Olienhout’s underground party. But in their defence, Pssst… thinks that their Rag partners Curlitzia and Magrietjie aren’t offering a better option. Maybe if the Spikkels spent less time at the surrounding bars and more time with other reses things would look better.

At least these reses have a bit of optimism. Pssst… hears Groenkloof is planning a big party on the night of serrie finals because, well, you know. Love also seems a bit lost between the Vividus Men and Ladies. Pssst… heard that the girls weren’t too keen on having their counterparts on camp and left the guys to their own devices.

The Knolle are getting really lazy with their jottirs. Pssst… thinks that they’re clearly too busy having informals. Pssst… thinks someone needs to keep them on their toes, especially since they didn’t even realise that a certain Olienhout ouman was gatecrashing the party.

Speaking about not being on their toes, Pssst… is a bit disappointed in Maroela. The mielies seemed to go down without much fuss from their side this year. Pssst… thinks that they’re possibly still bleak about losing the rugby finals to their rivals last year. Pssst… heard a similar thing happened when Kollege beat Taaibos in the cricket finals. Pssst… thought Taaibos were good at ball sports.

What’s more, when it comes to loyalty at least Maroela aren’t offering Pssst… inside information on their res in the exchange for payment. Like Mopanie.

As for Sonop, if everybody’s still not over the statue thing expect some calls about Oom Gert. Then again, Pssst… supposes you can’t tear a statue down if you can’t find it.

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