Part of this crowd consisted of the Katte.Pssst… is worried about their level of desperation because clearly Maroela have no interest in them. Despite their needs, the Katte weren’t very persistent at attempting to make friends as they all had to leave early. Apparently they’ve replaced Jasmyn as the guaranteed hook-ups for Kollege’s State Ball. At least someone is giving them attention.

From boxing to girl fights, Pssst… hears that Klaradyn and Zinnia are struggling to be friendly with each other. Pssst… is glad to see this, as this means there will be even more drama next year when they Rag together.

Pssst… has heard rumours about an incident involving Sonop at DropZone. Perhaps they should give Maroela tips on how to deal with the DropZone bouncers. They’ll have to wait a while, though, as Sonop is probably still enjoying the view from behind bars.

Still on the topic of Sonop, Pssst… hears that Sonop presented Erika with a pony. Pssst… would like to remind Sonop that unicorns have a horn, althought this just confirms Pssst…’s suspicions regarding their academic award at Prestige.

In a weird fit of unusual friendliness, Pssst… hears Erika have been inviting other ladies residences to quiz nights at Springbok’s. Are men no longer good enough for you then, Erika?

Pssst… would like to take this opportunity to reassure the residences that just because exams and holidays are around the corner, Pssst… will be watching you all very carefully. Until next year.

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