Speaking of Taaibos and what Pssst… can only assume was a horrendous house week based on the video, Pssst… heard that their beer pong competition with Nerina was not at all excellent, Pssst… would like to clarify the rules of beer pong for all involved, the goal is to get the other team drunk before you, and you cannot hope to win if you yourself are already drunk. Pssst… has had a few complaints about Kollege’s practices at Jolly’s. Pssst… thinks that pineapples should be reserved for fruit salads or pizzas (if you’re weird like that) not for shouting out at in the middle of Jolly’s if you’re not doing too well with the ladies. Pssst… would also like to remind Erika first years that the word pineapple is not a valid reason to hook up with older Kollege boys. Pssst… knows summer is on its way but Pssst… al­ready needs sunglasses because of the new HK elected this week. Pssst… is worried no one understands the word transformation, Pssst… is not excited for another year of pathetic student culture. Pssst… attended Tshwane 10s this weekend where Pssst… got some insight about how respect works these days. Kiaat respects their elders and acted re­spectfully towards Pssst…, you have something going for you at least Kiaat! In contrast, Pssst… was very unimpressed with Magrietjie. Its not nice to kick those with far more wisdom and experience when they are down. Shame on you Magrietjie.Pssst… is also glad that the Houte finally had their incipid Citizen’s Ball. How many posts did you even make about it? Struggling with res pride maybe? Pssst… understands, Pssst… also wouldnt be proud to be a Houteman.Pssst… heard that some Klaradyn and OP ladies had a bit too much fun at Kollege last Friday. Pssst… would also hide in the bathrooms and refuse to come out. Imag­ine, screaming Welpies and those manky Kollege flat-caps, even the OP ladies were scared, and some would say they deal with scarier beasts on a daily basis.Finally, Pssst… would like to commend the people who took part in UP A Capella. Commend may be a strong word, Pssst… would just like to thank the participants for not being terrible. Pssst… was glad to see Vivi­dus Men (or that new strange name that no one can pronounce) and Vividus Ladies being more inclusive, Pssst… is pleased that this means that they have includ­ed people with talent this year. The disappointment of the final’s night for Pssst… was Madelief; who managed to be terrible before they even began singing. Why have a theme empowering women if you’re going to announce that you’re not feminists? Pssst… thinks maybe their theme was meant to insult women’s rights activists. In Women’s Month. Shame.

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