Pssst… has noticed how Taaibos is still harbouring self-confidence issues. The boys’ low ticket sales for their annual Taaibos July caused them to start harassing girls to buy their tickets. Pssst… thinks Taaibos should lay off the desperation. How many unsuccessful daily trips to the girls’ reses do you have to make before you get the picture?

As if Jasmyn’s Red Mondays aren’t enough for the girls to flaunt around campus, Pssst… sees that Jasmyn decided to make a whole week out of it. Although, Pssst… isn’t too sure what exactly the girls think they have to show off. Besides, throwing paint at boys sounds like a pretty lame excuse to show off and get close to boys, especially when the boys in question are Kiaat. Pssst… doesn’t think you need to try so hard with Kiaat next time, Jasmyn.

It seems like desperation is all over Hatfield’s reses and Nerina decided to join in on the game and beg for money under the pretence of it being for their hockey team. Come now Nerina, Pssst… along with every other Tuks student knows what the money was really for. Pssst… can imagine what a fun time you must’ve had on Thursday night.

Curlitzia, however, were far too busy releasing helium-filled balloons into the atmosphere to go out and enjoy themselves.

So while some reses are staying out late and waking up even later, Maroela made a special effort to wake up early and in turn wake up all of their neighbours. Pssst… hears that Mopanie weren’t too impressed with Maroela’s rude awakening but knowing Maroela, Pssst… can only guess that the sole purpose of the noise-making and countless swearing was to annoy the neighbours they “love” so much. Pssst… foresees a counteraction coming soon from Mopanie.

So it seems Kollege and Magrietjie are back on talking terms, it’s a pity Pssst… can’t say the same for Magrietjie and Mopanie, whose social quickly got cancelled under the premise that it wasn’t allowed by Tuks rules. Pssst… isn’t saying that this isn’t true, Pssst… is just saying that maybe Mopanie wanted to get out of a sticky situation.

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