Pssst… is quite shocked to hear that Katjiepiering performed their serenade for the Tshwane Mayor recently. Pssst… thinks the Katte have possibly just outdone Curlitzia at their own bribery trick.

Pssst… is a little worried about the reses representing Tuks at Serenade nationals in Stellenbosch. Pssst… wonders how the other contestants will react when they see that Sonop’s secret weapon is basically a young Heinz Winkler/Draco Malfoy.

But alas, Serenade is old news now, so on to bigger and better things (sorry, Erika). Magrietjie, Pssst… has probably said this before, but it’s really time to get over yourselves. A little birdie told Pssst… that the Magrietjie ladies are very upset that Madelief have been walking on their grass – it’s a situation so scandalous that even Pssst… struggled to believe it. Madelief, how dare you play volleyball on Magrietjie’s grass? Pssst… thinks this is truly unforgivable.

Unfortunately, Pssst… can only rant about the residences for so long, since our copy editors are already looking nervously at Pssst… in fear of another mega edition like last time. Until our next gossip date, send your tips to

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