Pssst… would like to know why the reses have been so obsessed with having “back to school”-themed socials lately (Kiaat, Klaradyn, Taaibos and Nerina, Pssst… is looking at you). Perhaps they’d like to relive their prime? Pssst… understands that people who peak in high school are doomed to mediocre student and adult lives, but Pssst… doesn’t think this is a fact that anyone should be too proud about.

Speaking of mediocre, Pssst… sees that the boys from Kollege have really been doing the rounds this last while, what with hosting socials for Nerina and Asterhof in G6 in the past two weeks. Pssst… isn’t sure that Kollege’s Greek social with Nerina went so well though, since so few people attended that there were practically tumbleweeds floating across the bar, and the Vremies’ “Good vs Evil” event with Asterhof inevitably ended up at Tennessee (Pssst… thinks the reses should be careful at Tennessee these days, since Pssst… hears that a Jasmyn resident spent an evening in jail after being charged with public indecency due to…occurrences on Tennessee’s roof after a semi week event. Now, if only someone would tell Pssst… which male res was involved…).

In other, less important news, no one wants to join Katjiepiering’s serrie band, Madelief have totally dropped off the radar since Ienkmelodienk, Boekenhout are still eating everything in sight, and no one wanted to go to Luminous’ “Fright Night” event.

If you feel like your res was under-represented this week, send your gossip to (and no sassy emails, please – that’s Pssst…’s job).

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