At least Boekenhout knows how to treat the ladies, Kollege. Pssst… thinks that telling your superiors to kiss their “ass” is a bit rude. But then what else could be expected from the flat-cap bros?
For one thing, Pssst… is very unimpressed with Sonop. Pssst… would like to remind Sonop about what can happen if you refuse to get with the times. Not that it matters – Pssst… doesn’t want to see your Serrie anyway.
Taaibos seem to have everything but Serrie on their minds. Pssst… has heard of confusion regarding names or something. If you get to Klaradyn, you have walked past Jasmyn, Taaibos. Pssst… can’t understand how you could confuse the two, and Pssst… wouldn’t want to anger the Jasmyn ladies. Elephants are more dangerous than lions. A recent development in Jasmyn shows that they are out for blood, even within their own residence. Pssst… thinks we agree with the house member in this case, the HK have been rather quiet this year. But hey, power corrupts.
Walking back from a late-night snack, Pssst… saw a lonely Maroela man standing on the back of a bakkie in front of Erika. Pssst… felt sorry for him. He looked so sad standing in the shadow of Erika’s rejection. Perhaps he was just waiting for his girlfriend, but Pssst… has heard enough rumours to caution the Maroela man about Erika’s commitment issues. Pssst… can’t blame Erika though, Olienhout could drive anyone insane.
Pssst… asked one of our informers how the Madelief Serrie is looking. Pssst… received a simple response: “Bad”. Pssst… thinks if they threw as much money into it as they are spending on their other activities, they’d have no problem getting into finals again. It has worked in the past after all.
Pssst… has heard little from the Groenkloof resses recently. Pssst… doesn’t mind this too much, but Pssst… is interested to know what drivel Lilium will produce at Serrie this year.
Pssst… would like to remind Vividus men that if you need to tell people that you’re tranformation- friendly, you’re probably not doing a very good job of transforming. Pssst… is tired of seeing your obnoxious billboard on the way back from Psssts…’s very important lectures.
Pssst… hopes everyone is looking forward to next week’s performances. Pssst… will be there, always watching, always looking for juice.


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