I’m sure you know of a hundred different things to do on a small Saturday (or as non-students would call it: a Wednesday night). The whole of Hatfield Square is packed on such an evening and nearly every pub has its drinking specials and special activities planned for the night.

But have you ever wondered what was going on outside the chaos of the Square? Say, at a place called Aandklas? Well, as you may know, every night is a party at Aandklas, but on Wednesdays they offer you something different that no other place around would be able to top. No, it is not a nudist convention or an all-you-can-drink-fest. It is, in fact, a quiz night.

The quiz starts at 20:00 every Wednesday where the host will be dressed up as a different celebrity each week. The quiz itself consists of four sections: entertainment, general knowledge, sport & other and music. You are therefore advised to pick your teammates carefully as each member should be knowledgeable in at least one specified field and since only four to eight people are allowed in each group.

The night is packed full of fun competitions and activities between the four different sections, and there are also loads of beverage specials throughout the evening. It is a mere R16 for a double brandy and coke, R13 for a double vodka and lime, and R14 for a double cane and cream soda. Shooters such as Zappa, Sours, Potency, Pink Panther and Liquid Cocaine, will only cost you R5 on this festive occasion.

But that is not all. The first, second and third place winners of the evening will receive a R300, R200 and R100 tab at the bar, respectively. The overall grand prize of the event will be announced at the end of the season. The three winning teams will each receive a fabulous party which will be sponsored and hosted by Aandklas.

So, don’t feel guilty the next time you tell your mother that you are going to Aandklas without mentioning to her that it’s a bar, because now you will actually be learning something there!

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