• The blossoming South African movie industry. Previously, our only claim to fame was a girl from Benoni with an American accent. Now with films like District 9 and Tsotsi, the local movie industry is making Hollywood sit up and take notice. Big time scriptwriters have also become inspired by South Africa’s history, with films like Blood Diamond and Invictus, as well as Winnie, which is currently in production. However, it’s not just local production that is making a name for itself – more South African actors have begun to join the ranks of Charlize Theron. Especially Sharlto Copley – star of District 9 – who is playing H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdoch in Twentieth Century Fox’s remake of The A-Team which is currently on circuit.
  • Sokkie. This high-energy dance that South Africans often use to show off at clubs and parties is completely unique to our country. Also, it’s a great way to pick up girls (provided you don’t drop them).
  • The Afrikaans rock revolution. It started out small with the likes of Fokofpolisiekarbut today has grown into a massive industry – just think of Die Heuwels Fantasties, Foto Na Dans and Van Coke Kartel. Even the English kids can sing along, whether they understand what the lyrics mean or not. Perdeby loves that these bands aren’t just using the local music scene as a waiting room for the big time. Afrikaans rockers are proud of their language and their culture, and aren’t selling out to go international.


  • Zef. It was fun while it lasted, but frankly it wasn’t meant to last long. Unfortunately, Die Antwoord’s “Enter the Ninja” is probably going to become one of those songs people play after the Grease medley at 21sts. Perdeby thinks it might be time for Jack Parow to turn in that hat.
  • Local soap operas. Soapie characters seem to have the resilience of a cockroach: no matter how many times someone dies, they always seem to come back to life. And now some of these soaps have evolved to the big screen? Great.
  • Tonight with Trevor Noah. SA’s take on shows like The Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live is sadly lacking. MNet’s latest “original” show is generic and, well…not all that funny. As a seasoned comedian, Noah should know that people do get his jokes – he doesn’t have to explain them to us. Surprisingly, the show seems more concerned with being politically correct than fulfilling its purpose: to be controversial.


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