According to information provided to Perdeby via emails, at a meeting with the Temporary Student Committee (TSC) and Acting Vice-Principal of Student Affairs, Professor Carolina Koornhof, it was decided that the decision to extend the referendum would be made on 12 May and would be based on the response rate of the day before. “From the response rate it would appear that the minimum threshold is not likely to be achieved by the cut-off time for the referendum today [Friday, 12 May],” read the email. It further added that the matter of the referendum was on the agenda of a student mass meeting scheduled for 18 May. “Given this background, Prof. Koornhof recommends that the response rate be recorded at the current cut-off time today [Friday, 12 May] and that the referendum then be extended until next week Friday, 19 May 2017. A separation should be made between the responses received by the original cut-off of today [Friday, 12 May] and all the votes that come between the original cut-off time and the extended cut-off time,” the email stated. It further added that the extended cut-off time would accommodate advice from the student mass meeting on whether the referendum should be extended further. However, the email added that Prof. Koorhof had indicated that due to the “cooling-off” period (when DSA activities are suspended) before the start of the June exams, the referendum could not be extended beyond 19 May. According to a responding email, TSC President, Henrico Barnard, agreed with the extension proposal as he believes it would allow for the opinions and submissions of students who did not already vote on the current CSG referendum to be taken into account..

According to section 50 of the CSG, a valid referendum will only be constituted if the number of UP students who participated in the referendum was equivalent to the number of voters in the immediate previous SRC elections ¾ which in this case is the 2015 SRC election. This number stood at just over 7000, with the referendum falling short of this number by roughly 3000 voters.


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