President Karaba Tagana quickly points out that he is all about having fun. It’s not just about handling the scalpel.


What are you studying?

I am currently a fourth year medical student.

What do you do, apart from attending to your presidential duties?

I play soccer (on the field or on Playstation), listen to music, hang out with friends, go out and, most importantly, I enjoy eating, sleeping and watching good movies (sometimes all at once).

What word best describes you?


Why, would you say, is your res the best?

We pride ourselves on competing with the “main campus residences” despite the fact that we have fewer members. And we are smart (as our best academic prize will prove).

How long have you been staying at Olympus?

For three years, this year being my fourth.

What is your res best known for?

Officially being the “Smart Gentlemen” of Tuks and unofficially for experimenting with extracurricular medication.

What word epitomises your res?

Super-awesome! (it’s one word if you hyphenate it).

Who is your biggest competition?

Well, Olympus.

Why should other residences fear you?

If you land up in hospital, someone from Olympus might treat you. Do you really want to be mean to that guy?

What is your motto?

Find balance in life and everything else will fall into place.


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