“No sleep”, the next track in GLA, shows off the more pop punk side of the band with a laid-back feel. With echoing guitar and catching lyrics, this track is one which is very enjoyable to listen to and sing along with. The difference in pace and style from the previous track shows off the range of talent from the group.

A scar to hide” is a more dramatic and slower track than most of the others on the album. With emotional vocals, acoustic guitar strumming and violin embellishments, this track adds a new stylistic facet to GLA. The heartfelt lyrics evoke powerful emotions from the vocalist to the audience.

The chaser” starts off with rough electric guitar chords and has a classic rock feel to it. The chorus is slightly more upbeat, switching to a major key. The contract from between the rock feel of the guitar in the verses to the optimistic chorus keeps the listener engaged to the interesting musical changes.

GLA as an album is a highly engaging one for the audience as pace, style, vocals and musicality differs from track to track. Even within individual tracks, the juxtaposition of different musical elements makes this album exciting to listen to and excels at showcasing the talents and musical spectrum of Twin Atlantic.




Image: twinatlantic.com

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