The driving beat so familiar to fans of their past albums is present on tracks such as “Take it from me” and “Underground” while tracks such as “Where I belong” and “2 in the morning” take on a weightless and ethereal feeling. The accordion sounds so typical of Kongos permeate a number of songs, such as “I want it free”, and enjoys a solo on “Birds do it”. Alternatively, the track “Autocorrect” plays around with multiple vocal layers, sharp notes and electronic-inspired details. Vocal melodies are easy to listen to without getting boring and many tracks contain hooks that encourage the listener to sing along. These elements all contribute to a largely catchy and unique album that stays with the listener long after it’s finished.

Egomaniac is another example of Kongos’ musicianship and ability to make art individually and together. The album is a complex and interesting means of exploring humanity and reflecting their findings back to their fans in a fascinating and enjoyable way, and is sure to please fans and recruit many more.




Kongos are set to perform at Oppikoppi this year.

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