Entering the theatre, an actress makes her way through the seated audience, staring at them and touching their shoulders softly, an interesting way to instil in the audience a sense of unsettling behaviour from the cast right from the start. The choreography is artful yet manic, flowing with the dark themes of the play. The violent acts carried out by Mildred and the sex scenes – including her husband Richard and his mistresses – enforce the theme of the play.

The cast includes Emma Paulet, Kegan Gasper, Raquel Jones, Ruvimbo Samanga, Magdalena Groenwarld, Moso Semetlane, Nina-Marie Grobler and Tylah Woodman. Each adding their own personalities to the stage, the cast is able to draw in the audience to the story. The story slightly resembles that of a Hollywood movie, particularly in light of the characters.

Clawing her way to inner, darkest parts of her mind, Mildred shows the audience the journey of a wife from mother to murderer and stays with the audience long after the final bow.

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