“Pop song” has a slight satirical edge to it, with the lyrics listing popular and simple things such as pancakes, teacups and rainbows. The guitar chords and repetitive beat of the drums add to the atmosphere of the song and what it is satirising.

The final track of the album, “Parents”, is a song about typical teenage angst. With chaotic symbol crashes and a messy singing style, this track is reminiscent of those rebellious years in high school. The track is followed by a relaxed outro, similar in style to the intro at the beginning of the album. This instrumental piece rounds off the album nicely and indicates to the listener that this is the final note the band wants to end on.

The album is laid back in the way in which the music is presented. It shows how Death Panthers have not taken themselves too seriously but have rather focused on enjoying making music and having tracks that are fun to listen to.




Photo: Alex Travers

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