The album is littered with skilful solos that showcase just exactly why Patlansky is considered a legend. But solos alone do not make the melodic content and one can see the intense effort that has been put into crafting each riff and vocal line.

The album’s lyrics are generally quite typical to the blues genre which will please fans. However, here too, one can see the effort put into writing the 10 track album as each song’s lyrics are well thought out and a fresh take on typical blues themes.

There are two standout tracks on the album that are not as typically blues as one would expect. “Windmills and the sea” and “Madison lane”, the closing song, are gentler if not more country in style and provide a welcome break from the intense blues sound on the rest of the album.

Dear Silence Thieves is a solid album with infectious beats and catchy melodies. Fans will not be disappointed with an album that promises to be just as exciting as the live show.


Image: Dan Patlansky’s Facebook page


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