When asked what he thought his biggest achievements were, Rasethaba responded that his “biggest achievement was being able to listen and help each student that walked into [his] office”. Rasethaba felt that the one goal that he was unable to achieve was to “tackle particular policies at the university and have them reviewed … especially policies that govern the residences”. One of the reasons Rasethaba gave was that it “was extremely difficult just to get hold of some of the policies”.

During the interview, Rasethaba also commented on the successes and failures of the 2015 SRC. He identified that the 2015 SRC had been successful in managing to get the Sunnyside bus running, increasing the humanitarian fund, resolving issues around unfair exam rules, and had a high rate of success in the academic exclusion committees. Rasethaba said that “the SRC has failed in addressing the issue of accountability to students. Students feel that the SRC is not fully accountable and transparent to them, and I believe that this can be something the incoming SRC can address.”

Rasethaba ended off by saying, “One of my greatest pleasures this year was being on the ground and ensuring I interact with students in their own spaces. I want that the incoming president to continue this and become an accessible president who is on the ground and interacting with students.”


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