Life, however, has not been all positive for West. On the track “Father stretch my hands part 2” he talks about his car crash, his parents’ divorce, his mother’s passing, and other personal stories. On the deeply introspective “Real friends”, West reflects on how he has certain people in his life just because he’s famous, and he wonders how many “real friends” he has.

West is infamous for his ego, and that also factors into The Life of Pablo. The track “Famous” shows him bragging about his successes, but because of his achievements, he claims he has earned the right to do so. It is impossible to cover everything on The Life of Pablo, from the deeply intriguing and debatable album name to each individual song. West has created a near-flawless album with phenomenal guest performances, jaw-dropping production, lyrics that encompass every facet of his artistry, and the album’s uplifting gospel and hip-hop fusion. Love him or hate him, West continues to push the boundaries to create music that is unlike anything else on The Life of Pablo, making it an unmissable musical experience.



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