In a strange turn of events, Mark’s wife Kate King (Leslie Mann) visits Carly at her office, apparently not filled with any rage (although the audience soon learns that she has underlying fury which she enacts quite comically). The unlikely pair of mistress and wife become friends after Kate’s undying persistence in befriending Carly and a drunken night out.

The Other Women’s character development is quite profound for a comedy. By the end, the characters have evolved from hilarious pawns in Mark’s cheatboard to real people facing a real-life hardship.

The film is pure comedy and is a fresh take on the cheating husband and disgruntled wife scenario. The film combines low and high comedy as some witty dialogue is exchanged, while not being shy of pratfalls. It does, however, reach an irritatingly slow pace about halfway through, but does eventually recover as the story reaches the climax.

It is thoroughly enjoyable but is lacking more imaginative revenge. There are moments that come across as unnecessary, some worthy of eye-rolls, and some that just leave you thinking “Really now?’’

Though an unlikely and seemingly disturbing combination, the characters have an unmistakeable harmony. Mann and Diaz are comedy gold: one is a cold and stern lawyer whose life is infiltrated by the other, who is a clumsy, babbling and irrational housewife. Their setbacks and funny back and forth of dialogue keeps the audience in stitches. It took seeing Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, not as the tough Jaime Lannister, but rather as a serial cheater some getting used to, but he owns the part right to the end. Nicki Minaj plays Lydia, Carly’s assistant. She is a pleasure to watch as she adds flavour to the film, albeit for a short time. Her calm persona, smooth delivery and amusing advice to her boss add a memorable zing to the film.

Every guy will love this film, every woman will hate to love it and every feminist will outright hate it, but it is worth a watch if you have a bit of patience and the desire for something new.

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